TRANSATLANTIZ’s mission is “To empower and expand the service to cargoes, passengers, means of transportation and terminals network, with an effective and sustainable offer adding value to clients, vendours, employees and shareholders.”

Description of the company

TRANSATLANTIZ is a company capable of taking charge of all the services that their clients require. From representation in the countries of their network, the structuring of individual sales units  specialised in the client’s product, to the performance or supervision of operation activities and the performance of  terminal services, TRANSATLANTIZ will be safeguarding the interests of their clients.

TRANSATLANTIZ, aware of the need for expedite terminals that optimise port stays and make it possible to safeguard the integrity of the goods and people involved, offers, through the company itself or through related companies and selected providers, the entire range of services that shipped and transferred cargo requires.

TRANSATLANTIZ’s positioning in the service industry of shipping, cargo and terminals allows them to cultivate and operate means of production.  Thus, Port Cranes, Labour Services, Storage Centres, and Repair of Containers, launches and Tugboats are also incorporated in their services offered.

TRANSATLANTIZ develops their operations in the organised confluence of various participants, all of them connected hierarchically, going beyond the area of their labour and strengthening it.  Their human talent in arranged working in teams along with clients who pose new challenges–persevering and committed people adding value and perfecting their abilities, and investors with a vision of the future motivated by developing the greatness of this company.

April 2024