TRANSATLANTIZ offers complete services regarding cargo, passengers, terminals and transport of foreign trade.

In their work, TRANSATLANTIZ directly participates in the different concessionaire partnerships that operates the following Terminals and Airports:

– The Valparaiso Passenger Terminal, (VTP), in Valparaiso, Chile
– The Comodoro Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport (SCL), in Santiago, Chile
– The El Loa Airport in Calama, Chile (CACSA)
– The La Florida Aerodrome in La Serena, Chile (CASSA)
– The Presidente Carlos Ibáñez del Campo Airport, in Punta Arenas, Chile (CAMSA)
– The Gustavo Rojas Pinilla Airport, in San Andres Island, Colombia and the Bewitched in Providencia island, Colombia (both CASYP)

TRANSATLANTIZ does not directly participate in the concessions of the Port of Antofagasta International Terminal (ATI) and of the Port of Arica Terminal (TPA). Empresas Navieras, its principal, participates in the operation of these terminals through integration into the partnerships that operate them. ATI with 35% and TPA with a 25% share.

  • Cruise Ship Terminal, Valparaíso
  • Port of Antofagasta (ATI)
  • Port of Arica (TPA)
  • Punta Arenas Airport, Chile
  • Calama Airport, Chile
  • La Serena Airfield
Cruise Ship Terminal, Valparaíso

In 2002, the VTP partnership, Valparaíso Terminal de Pasajeros S.A. was constituted, in order to develop and exploit the facilities to assist tourist cruise passengers at the port of Valparaíso, Chile, the first passenger terminal for tourist cruises on the West coast of South America.

Among the services provided by the Terminal are:

  • Counters for the check-in of passengers and information desk with bilingual personnel.
  • Customs and phytosanitary control area.
  • Individual luggage carts, trunks free of charge.
  • Communication centre equipped with telephones and Internet.
  • Parking for vehicles and tourism buses.
  • Shops for passengers and crewmembers offering souvenirs, local craft, Chilean wine, newspapers, magazines and a comfortable cafeteria.
Port of Antofagasta (ATI)

In 2004, Empresas Navieras, main company of the Holding to which TRANSATLANTIZ belongs, became part of the partnership Antofagasta Terminal Internacional (ATI), taking over the concession of the mooring site number 2 for 20 years. This site operates berths 4-5, 6 and 7, with a total surface of 8.5 hectares.

Its main objective is rendering services of international standard to importers and exporters of the II Region of Chile, to Freight Forwarders and Shipping Companies known worldwide.

Their main clients of the mining sector are Codelco Chile, Minera Zaldívar, Minera Escondida, Empresa Minera Mantos Blancos, El Tesoro, El Abra, Radomiro Tomic and other non-metallic mining companies.


Port of Arica (TPA)

In 2004, Empresas Navieras, main company of the Holding to which TRANSATLANTIZ belongs, participated in a partnership with the main port operators of Chile and Peru to take over the concession of the Terminal Puerto Arica for 20 years.

Their main challenge is that Arica, city of the I Region of Chile, has a port prepared to move any kind of cargo and to provide their clients with efficient attention, speeding up the operations to transfer as much cargo as possible at the lowest possible cost, setting itself as the best service alternative for cargo regarding the variables of price and quality, with world quality standards.

This port has the condition, by legal statute, of free storage for Bolivian cargo, maintaining the concessions established by the treaties, such as obligations for the dealer (60 days for export cargo and 365 days for import cargo).

Punta Arenas Airport, Chile

On March 24, 2010, Consorcio Aeroportuario de Magallanes S.A., company own by TRANSATLANTIZ, initiated the concesion contract for the Airport in Punta Arenas, Presidente Carlos Ibañez del Campo Airport.

The concession comprises the construction, maintenance and operation of the airport terminal including the right for the Aeronautical and Non Aeronautical Revenues. Regarding the execution of the construction works and refurbishing, the concessionaire has signed an EPC Agreement with the construction firm SALFA.

With an approximate investment of USD 13 MM, the concession contemplates the expansion of the terminal from 6.240 m2 to 7.700 m2, with the construction of new airline offices, signs and HVAC, among others. A new Control Tower, as well as a new water treatment plant, the improvement of actual road infrastructure, drainage, sewage and platform illumination.

Furthermore, the concession includes the improvement in the quality of the services offered in the terminal, enlarging the spectrum of these services, the habilitation of bigger commercial areas, more airline counters, and optimizing the management of the public parking and transport, rent a car and financial services and VIP lounges, among others.

Calama Airport, Chile

As from 14 April 2011 and via its subsidiary company – Consorcio Aeroportuario de Calama S.A. – TRANSATLANTIZ started to operate as the official concessionaire in charge of the operations, maintenance and management of the Calama Airport.

The awarding of this concession to our Company poses a new and significant challenge to the drive aimed at a worldwide expansion of our airport services. Needless to say such drive is in line with both our business diversification policy and our customary endeavours; both focused on ensuring an overall improvement in the services provided to our customers.

This specific initiative entails the construction of a 8,000 square metres” building for accomodating a passenger terminal fitted with three boarding decks, the expansion of the existing commercial airliners” platform and the vehicle parking bay alike. Other noteworthy expansion work will encompass the construction of additional access roads, the removal of the existing facilities operated by the official entity known as DGAC (*) to a revamped exisitng terrminal, the construction of a new control tower plus the commissioning of SEI facilities and other new support instalations.

(*) Spanish acronym for “Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil” Civil Aviation Authority.

La Serena Airfield

In January 2013, Concessionaire Consorcio Aeroportuario de la Serena S.A., subsidiary of TRANSATLANTIZ, started the operations, maintenance and administration of the concession of the Passenger Terminal Airfield La Florida of La Serena- Chile, for an approximate period of 10 years.

Within the most relevant aspects, the concession is aimed at improving the service, comfort and safety quality standards of the airport premises; at strengthening the offer of air operations to and from the Coquimbo region as well as at extending and improving the passenger terminal, control tower and general public parking area.

June 2024