TRANSATLANTIZ Logistics and Distribution began at the end of 1996 with a 300 m2 warehouse in Santiago, Chile; after 10 years of continuous growth, it has reached more than 126,000 m2 of warehouse space in Chile, Ecuador, United States and Peru.

TRANSATLANTIZ Logistics and Distribution is one of the best choices in the industry to meet the needs of companies that require outsourcing of their supply and logistics processes.

The team of professionals and technicians, based on knowledge, experience and technology, has specialised in designing all sorts of storage, distribution and general cargo management solutions, and offer high quality levels and very convenient prices to a variety of clients.

Several factors have contributed to the success of TRANSATLANTIZ Logistics and Distribution within these past years, on one hand, the will of capitalising the know-how acquired in the company’s traditional business, strongly linked to the port-maritime field, factors which have allowed the development of a work culture with the ability of acting in the most complex and adverse environments. On the other hand, the vision to complement its growth process with the development of a solid but flexible technological platform, aligned with the demands of modern times which today supports a wide part of the operation carried out by TRANSATLANTIZ Logistics and Distribution to comply with the requirements of a heterogeneous portfolio, who are very demanding in levels of performance and quality standards.

The following are the services TRANSATLANTIZ Logistics and Distribution offers:

Additional Services

September 2023
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